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Jubilee Queen & Jubilee Prince - A Pair of Limited Edition Shirts to Delight Body&Soul

  • Jubilee Queen & Jubilee Prince - A Pair of Limited Edition Shirts to Delight Body&Soul

The WU Jubilee takes its cues from Jarman, Jordan and Goddard rather than The House of Windsor and Servile Obedience. A pair of shirts, a Queen and a Prince, both hand screen-printed on ethically sourced, produced and traded relaxed fit organic ring-spun combed cotton shirts. Both are lightweight shirts for summer loving and disco deployment

Our Queen comes on a beautiful full bodied green tee and our Prince on garment dyed lilac with a vintage fade, each inked in the opposite shirt's colour to bind them together for eternity. The green queen shirt is an especially virulent dye so be careful how sweaty you get it near lighter colours until it's had its first wash, maybe even the second.

The six available options are below. Choose one, choose the other, choose both, but whatever you do, ALWAYS CHOOSE LIFE.

We've opted for an American sizing structure in these particular models to allow more room to breathe, you'll thank us for it when you're on the dancefloor and out in the fields. Go by the p2p measurement for maximum garment enjoyment

As ever, only 23 of each are available and will likely not last very long.

To make life a little easier for you in these turbulent times the first ten of each run will be available at £20 and then the price will rise to £25, making the median price as near as dammit the all important 23 quids. The devil is in the details, although we're never entirely sure which one they are...

Orders will be shipped within 24-48 hours under plain pink rubber wrapper as is the WU wei.

Available UK only for now, please don't order unless collecting in person or shipping to a UK address.