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there's cbd and there's CBD.

naturally shy of water, the little green wumen usually suspend in oil and that's all fine.


when wu mince the little chappules down nice and tiny they can swim in l'aqua pura and integrate into wu're system far more quickly and effectively resulting in a different kind of uptake rate.

it's all anecdotal and highly unscientific but as well as getting your innards in order it's not impossible that a soothing, calming, giggly and ulitimately energising feeling will result from popping a few drops in a fizzy water with a slice of lime and drinking said cocktail on a hot sunny day.

wu're conducting extensive on the job testing and the first few weeks' results are very positive so wu're releasing 23 green label bottles into the wild for further experimentation.

a very fair and furry £23 per 10ml bottle for this first round will gain you access to the green olympics for early adopters. £2 to ship anywhere in le uk and lets see what happens....